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A Higher Standard of Care for Your Community

Care Innovations™ helps you deliver safety, security, independence and peace of mind

Care Innovations can help your community deliver an enhanced level of care to your residents. With our comprehensive suite of products designed to enable 360° care, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) can offer safer, more secure environments for residents at the same time they promote independent living and improve staff accountability. Smart sensor technology systems such as Care Innovations™ QuietCare®, a resident activity monitoring system, can help assisted living and memory care communities attract and retain residents, improve operating margins, and increase staff efficiency. Other long-term care solutions offered by Care Innovations include fall management, wander management, and eCall wireless monitors. We are dedicated to helping you deliver peace of mind to your residents and their loved ones.

Technology Solutions Offer Residents and Family Peace of Mind

Attract new residents to increase your occupancy rate

When it comes time to transition an elderly loved one from living at home to living in a community, families are looking for the same level of care—or better—than they are able to provide at home. Safety, security, privacy, and well-being provide a sense of independence and peace of mind for seniors and their family.

Thanks to smart solutions from Care Innovations™, families will rest assured that their loved ones will be looked after 24/7, with unobtrusive activity monitoring products such as:

  • QuietCare® motion sensors that learn the daily activity patterns of residents and sends alerts to help staff proactively respond to potentially urgent situations
  • Sensatec fall management system that helps reduce the risk of falls
  • Code Alert Wandering Management Solution is restraint-free and discreetly monitors residents with small, lightweight transmitters to promote resident mobility.
  • Code Alert Quick Response Plus, a wireless eCall system, enables wearers to call for help with the push of a button

Is your organization looking to attract more residents? Learn how by contacting a senior living specialist today at (800) 450-0970 or send us an email.

Code Alert Quick Response, Code Alert Wander Management, and Sensatec are products manufactured by and registered trademarks of RF Technologies, Inc. Intel-GE Care Innovations™ is an authorized reseller in the United States.

Peace of Mind for You, Your Staff and Your Residents

Our comprehensive suite of products is designed to help you enhance the safety, security, and well-being of seniors. Residents can maintain their independence, your staff can provide a higher level of care, and your organization can prosper.

Care Innovations™ QuietCare®

Installed in resident rooms, QuietCare® smart sensor technology works behind the scenes to learn the activity patterns of residents, and sends alerts to caregivers when changes occur. The data collected by QuietCare enables caregivers to take preemptive measures to ensure well-being, and respond to potentially urgent situations.

Sensatec Fall Management

For residents at risk of falling, Sensatec creates a safer, more cost-effective environment. The restraint-free system combines a pressure-sensitive pad and an alarm unit that alerts staff so they can respond promptly. Integrates with nurse call systems for a local, silent alarm when a resident attempts to leave a bed, chair, or wheelchair.

Code Alert Wandering Management

Discrete transmitters worn on residents wrists can help prevent wandering and elopement. The system will notify caregivers and automatically lock doors as residents approach. The barrier-free system promotes resident mobility and fosters an enhanced sense of independence throughout senior living communities.

Code Alert Quick Response Plus

The Quick Response Plus Wireless Call Solution enables residents to call for help with the simple push of a button. Worn on the wrist or as a pendant, Quick Response Plus provides immediate assistance when residents need it—wherever they are on the grounds or within the community—along with the peace of mind that comes from knowing help is just a call away.

Code Alert Quick Response, Code Alert Wander Management, and Sensatec are products manufactured by and registered trademarks of RF Technologies, Inc. Intel-GE Care Innovations™ is an authorized reseller in the United States.

The Community Advantages of using QuietCare®

Attract and retain residents, increase revenue, and improve staff efficiency

As families and residents demand more from long-term care, your organization will face challenges ranging from an increased need for assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) to tougher industry regulations. Your ability to provide an enhanced level of care on a cost efficient basis becomes more important than ever. Care Innovations™ can help:

  • Retain residents by increasing length of stay

    QuietCare enables staff to intervene early to help avoid emergencies that could lead to a hospitalization. One study conducted by GE Healthcare indicates after 25 months with QuietCare in place, length of stay at an assisted living community increased by as much as 60%.1

  • Raise revenue and improve margins

    As your caregivers become more proactive, service levels in assisted living communities may also increase. According to a GE Healthcare study in the Midwest, the independent living community that installed QuietCare increased its average monthly service by $107 per resident.1

  • Improve staff productivity, efficiency and morale

    QuietCare generates reliable, unbiased reports that lead to an increase in staff accountability, efficiency, and response times. In a 2013 customer survey, 74% of respondents reported staff response times increased after QuietCare was installed.2

  • Attract residents with high-tech care

    Technology solutions from Care Innovations offer powerful competitive advantages when it comes to marketing your community. Children of seniors are concerned most with the safety of their loved once.3 With the added benefits of QuietCare, family and residents will have greater peace of mind.

Read how one memory care community uses QuietCare to improve its care delivery.

1Study commissioned by GE Healthcare
2Data obtained from current QuietCare customers responding to a survey administered by TechValidate, Aug. 2013. Long-Term Placement Poll.

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Meet Max

Max used to worry about falling. Recently his community installed Care Innovations™ QuietCare®, which alerts caregivers to potentially urgent situation–such as a bathroom fall. Now Max worries less.

Meet Doris
Meet Doris

Doris, 87, is a widow living in a new community. Recently the community added QuietCare®, a resident activity monitoring system. Doris feels safer because she knows alerts will be sent to staff if certain out-of-the-ordinary events occur.



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