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Meet Alice

You know Alice. Or someone just like her. Getting on in years, but still smiling, independent, active, and always in the pool. Just over six months ago, Alice had a cardiac event. For her family and clinicians, two concerns were paramount: get her well and help her maintain her independence. At first, Alice struggled to keep up with her medications and diet. Today, the Intel-GE Care Innovations™ Guide has helped changed that.

With the Care Innovations™ Guide, Alice enjoys ongoing, regular communication with her care providers. In the comfort of her own home, she takes and posts her blood pressure, heart rate, and other heath-related data. She can also answer survey questions about her symptoms and share her concerns during scheduled video conferences. With the Intel-GE Care Innovations™ Guide - Virtual Care Suite, Alice’s clinicians can review her data and prioritize her needs. To help insure that Alice is following their treatment instructions, her clinicians can also set up automated reminders regarding medications and appointments, provide regular education, and so on. Lately, her providers have noticed positive behavior changes, a healthier lifestyle, and a willingness to stick to her care plan. They love it, and so does Alice. After all, she’s able to take a more active role in her own health and get back in the pool.

Explore how the Guide can empower the people in your care to participate in theirs.

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