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Care Innovations Link personal medical alert system

Meet Helen

Helen is a feisty lady. Set in her ways. But she’s not your average 81-year-old. She still lives independently in her own home, in the town she grew up in.

Recently, due to high blood pressure issues, she fell a couple of times and was unable to get up. Her four daughters were becoming more and more worried about her. Daughter Kathy, who lives about two hours away, was feeling powerless to help her mom.

Together, the siblings decided to purchase a cell phone for Helen. They asked her to keep it on her at all times. That way, they thought, if she fell again she could call one of her nearby daughters for help. This brought them all a bit of comfort.

Before long she fell two more times and, because she didn’t have her cell phone on her, she wasn’t able to call for help. Luckily she escaped any serious injuries. Kathy and her sisters discovered that Helen hadn’t been using the cell phone. Reluctantly, she told them it was just too complicated and it intimidated her. In fact, she wasn’t even turning it on.

Then they learned about Intel-GE Care Innovations™ Link, a personal medical alert system. Kathy calls Care Innovations™ Link “a godsend” for her mom. Helen finds it much simpler to use than a cell phone, and is not intimidated by it at all. And depending on what she’s doing, she can switch between wearing the necklace, the belt clip, or the wrist version.

If Helen has an emergency, all she has to do is press the button on her personal alert system and a specially trained operator will answer. The operator knows her name and location, and can provide assistance quickly to Helen.

Kathy and her sisters now have peace of mind knowing that their mom can get connected to help at the touch of a button, from anywhere in her home. Learn more about Care Innovations Link.

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