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Experience the world's most accessible, user-friendly remote monitoring solutions. We translate cutting-edge innovation into life-changing, people-centered solutions.
We're a digital health company specializing in innovative care solutions that work for real life. Pioneers in collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data, we bring the care continuum into the home.
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Rely on next-level clinical, technical, and operational support to accelerate your digital health initiatives.
For Providers
First in Telehealth. Always Innovating.
We pioneered one of the first FDA-cleared, cloud-based telehealth solution in 2013. Since then, we've delivered proven, trusted solutions for new applications of remote patient monitoring, CPT reimbursement, telehealth visits, and Hospital at Home programs.

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For Payers
Elevating Care With Technology.
Access to telehealth visits, remote care, and digital health tools is the new consumer standard for member engagement. Boost member satisfaction and reduce costs through integrated telehealth and remote care apps for chronic disease management.

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For Pharma/Medtech
Accelerating Advances and Revenue.
Virtual clinical trials, app-enabled digital therapeutics, and companion apps for medication adherence are changing the face of medicine. Partner with Care Innovations and PRA Health Sciences to bring your innovative solutions to market.

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For Employers
Making a Difference in the Workplace.
COVID-19 has reshaped employee expectations for safety, health, and wellness. From in-home or on-site COVID-19 testing to innovative remote care applications, be sure to build the latest whole-person care strategies into your workforce benefit design.

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Keep Medicare patients healthy at home with new reimbursement opportunities for remote patient monitoring.

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Extending care outside the hospital brings new opportunities to deliver superior care—and patient satisfaction.

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Provide quality care anywhere with the RPM experience clinicians and patients love.

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COVID-19 SOLUTIONSHealth Harmony Workforce
From surveillance to in-home test kits, protect your people and secure your business with fast, flexible COVID-19 solutions.

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* Hospital at Home is an innovative care model created by Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions.
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We’re seeing a shift in how care, technology, and adherence are coming together as a blended solution in the healthcare industry. Pharmaceuticals are no longer looking for a point-based product, but rather a group of services that engage patients in a way that increases adoption and adherence for medical purposes. One solution is digital therapeutics (DTx). 

Crossing the Chasm for Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in Pharmaceuticals

Making the decision to add a remote patient monitoring model to your practice can be an easy decision, given the demand for virtual care and the many benefits it offers. However, selecting the right vendor can be a bit more complicated.

Vetting a Vendor for Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) Services for Medicare Patients

To better meet the demands of our clients as well as healthcare delivery in general, Care Innovations is proud to announce the introduction of our Hospital-to-Home digital health system for the treatment of COVID-19.

Introducing Hospital-to-Home, Care Innovations' Digital Health Platform for COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to daily change our world and has left many industries scrambling to find a way to conduct business while maintaining the health and safety of their customers and staff. The healthcare industry has obviously been heavily impacted and forced to change business as usual. Waiting rooms are suddenly empty and the only patients allowed are those that are in need of emergent care. Patients need to see their providers for routine care matters and refills, however the fear of going into their provider’s office has caused some patients to go without needed medical care. Providers have been forced to find new ways to engage and treat their patients using technology as the mediator.

Driving CPT Reimbursement for COVID-19

Care Innovations