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Intel-GE Care Innovations™, in collaboration with MIT’s H@cking Medicine, StartX and Stanford Medical School, is hosting the CI Patient Engagement Hackfest at Stanford University this September. By bringing together inventive, forward-thinking minds to change the status quo and create the next generation of solutions in healthcare today, our goal is for the seamless integration of data from the home with claims and EMR data to help clinicians and other healthcare providers design and implement population health programs that work and give people the confidence to live independently, wherever they call home. This event will solve one of the biggest hurdles in healthcare today: connecting patients to their health and healthcare providers outside of a hospital or physician’s office.

Please visit to learn more.

Care Innovations™ offers innovative remote care delivery solutions to help healthcare providers and payers effectively and efficiently manage the chronic care needs of a diverse population. And we’re excited to be showcasing these solutions at HIMSS*14, February 23-27 in Orlando, FL.

Following is a brief summary of where you can see us at HIMSS14 in Orlando.

Exhibit Hall—GE Healthcare Booth #1003

Join us at the GE Healthcare booth, and learn about the Care Innovations™ Guide platform, a clinician-led, fully integrated remote care management solution for populations with chronic conditions.

Intelligent Medical Home—Patient Demo

Come explore the Intelligent Medical Home where you’ll meet Robert, a patient diagnosed with CHF, as he interacts with Care Innovations™ Connect RCM in his kitchen. With Connect RCM, Robert can engage in daily health sessions to monitor his vital signs and symptoms, get better educated about his chronic disease, and create positive behavior change.

Intelligent Hospital Pavilion—Kiosk 8265

Stop by our kiosk and hear first-hand how a model of care delivered by a clinician and facilitated by the Care Innovations™ Guide platform may help you improve clinical efficiency, improve care plan and medication adherence, and get patients more actively engaged in managing their health.

Please visit us at one of the above locations or request a meeting time with one of our remote care specialists.

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