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Introduction: Health Harmony

How Do I Recruit Patients For a RPM Program?

A referral from a reliable source, such as the patient’s existing doctor, a nurse with an existing relationship, or another trusted clinician, can also be a key motivator; to that end, engagement with clinicians can be just as important as patient engagement.

How Can We Engage Patients To Enroll In Our RPM Programs?

People can often be afraid of change, and can sometimes be intimidated by technology. To help them fully engage with an RPM program, “break it down in terms that they can understand”.

Will RPM Replace Nurses and Doctors?

RPM improves the patient/clinician relationship and “enhances a clinician’s ability to reach out to their patients, to interact with their patients, in an environment which is the preferred environment for the patient.

What Does The Setup Of New Patients On A RPM Program Look Like?

“From a patient perspective, it’s really pretty simple,” our experts note in this video, explaining that it’s important to reach out in a personalized way to patients in the program, while still keeping the process simple.

What is a RPM Health Session?

Designed to gather information from patients while also providing educational information and/or instruction back to them. In this video, our RPM Academy experts explain how successful health sessions do just that, configuring health sessions to address the needs of the patient, not just the broad symptoms of the disease.

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