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Care Innovations® Health Harmony simplifies planning and deploying remote care management by providing intuitive and easy-to-use technology and a device agnostic platform for the clinician, patient, and family caregiver.

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Remote Care Starts with Patient Engagement

We know the key to actively engaging patients at home is to make it easy. Consumer-friendly technology requires seamless integration into patients' daily lives. Health Harmony helps you increase patient engagement by providing easy-to-use devices and peripherals (no wires, setup, or prior knowledge of technology needed) with a powerful platform that offers interactive health sessions, educational content and video conferencing.

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Actionable Insights for Clinicians

Evidence-based algorithms and a customizable platform by disease state and population help you support the individual needs of each of your patients. Health Harmony simplifies proactive care plans and easily integrates into existing workflows.

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Safe, Secure, HIPAA Compliant

Safely transmit daily vitals data to your clinicians, collecting subjective data points typical of those collected during an in-office visit.

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A Turnkey Approach for Customizing Your Remote Care Strategy

We have yet to experience two remote care deployments that are exactly alike. Focusing on the technology is not enough. What about the patient population you select, workflow integration, data aggregation, family caregiver engagement, and inventory management?

You have specific needs when it comes to connecting the care continuum to the home. That's why we provide more than just the technology; we offer a one-stop-shop solution that includes all of the coordinated logistics needed to develop a truly successful remote patient strategy.

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