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Passive Sensors, Active Care
Health Harmony
Home Sensing

Built on Care Innovations' robust remote patient management platform, Health Harmony, and our award-winning smart sensor technology, QuietCare®, Health Harmony Home Sensing monitors changes and trends in patients' and residents' activities of daily living (ADLs) that may indicate changes in health.

100% Compliance with Low Touch, Low Cost Care

Changes in daily activities, such as how active a patient or resident is, how often home appliances are used, and sleep patterns, can help you understand and anticipate changes in health. Passive smart sensing provides a secure, unobtrusive look at patients' and residents' energy levels and overall well-being.

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A Passive Remote Monitoring Solution

Smart sensors placed in patients' homes passively monitor activity patterns, such as sleep, movement, bathroom usage, and use of a particular home appliance. Movement and usage patterns help to establish trends to better inform clinicians of significant changes in activities.

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Home Sensing Informed Clinician image
Home Sensing Informed Clinician image
Home Sensing Informed Clinician image

Well Informed Clinicians, Happier Patients, Lower Cost Care

Empowering clinicians with identifiable patient patterns and actionable insights helps you provide efficient, customized, lower cost care to patients.

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