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Care Innovations® Hospital at Home*

Acute Care Comes Home

Provide acute oversight while patients recover in the comfort of their own homes.
Meet patients where they are, supported by our enhanced telehealth tools and capabilities. Help patients recover at home and deliver care and communications virtually.
Modernize your remote care program.
Shorten patients' length of stay
Produce better clinical outcomes
Run fewer labs and diagnostics
Provide higher patient satisfaction
Reduce hospital stays & complications
Save on traditional inpatient care
Implementation is Easy
Gather information to assess your organization's administrative and technical readiness.
Customize a roll-out with realistic and achievable goals before launching the program.
Conduct workflow updates and staff training, then launch your Hospital at Home program.
Identify KPIs to assess, refine, and grow offerings while maintaining steady care progress.
Launch with Confidence.
Clinical Design Services
Clinicians collaborate with your team leaders to bring your organizations' best practices to your implementation.
Connected Device Management
Care Innovations is involved in Device Management from the point of ordering to product delivery and connectivity.
Clinical Care Coverage
Our 24/7 Clinical Call Center-staffed dashboard ensures that care is never far from your patients or your staff.
Integrated Reporting & Compliance
Devices' built-in tracking enables smooth implementation and reporting to meet CMS reimbursement requirements.
The Premier Healthcare Platform
Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Care Innovations Hospital at Home technologies deliver the scale, security, and performance to help deliver the highest quality care and patient experience.
We're ready when you are!
Explore our resources and find out how to get your Hospital at Home Program started.
* Hospital at Home is an innovative care model created by Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions.
Care Innovations
Care Innovations