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You are one step closer to participating in the PRA Has a HEART Demonstration Study! 

Thank you for your interest in the PRA Has a HEART Demonstration Study sponsored by PRA Health Sciences!  The goal of this demonstration is to provide valuable training to you and other members of our sales team by providing an interactive experience similar to the experience of a real study subject and to demonstrate the benefits of implementing decentralized clinical trials.  ​

You can register for this study here.​
  • This mock study has been developed for you to learn more about our Decentralized Clinical Trial Operation models that have already been successfully deployed by PRA. The PRA Has a HEART Demonstration Study does not require any travel for study visits. Everything you need for the mock study will be accessed from the comfort of your home. Your responses to questionnaires will be collected through a mock study app on your smartphone. ​
  • There are no costs or expenses to participate in this demonstration study. As this is only a mock study for your training purposes (i.e., it is not a real study), you must enter “fake” data. So for example, if we ask for the number of steps you walked on a given day, make it up!  But please make it realistic made up data.   ​
  • Your participation is completely voluntary and will last 5 days. Once enrollment opens, data will be collected for up to 5 calendar days for all demonstration participants and the mock study will close enrollment on January 11th, 2021.  ​
  • At the 2021 PRA Sales Meeting, we will share key learnings and aggregated fake data that is in no way associated with you. ​

The PRA Decentralized Coordinating Center (DCC) is here to help! If you have any questions, please contact us at: +1 (855) 622-4009 (toll free), Mon-Sat 8am – 8pm EST. Or by email: 

Register Here:

After you agree to the consent and authorization, you will receive an email from 'Health Harmony'. Please check your email to continue.
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