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Accelerate Your Path to Remote Patient Monitoring and CPT* Reimbursement Revenue
Discover Care Innovations® Health Harmony RPM
Keeping patients healthy and engaged at home is more important than ever. Remote Patient Monitoring and reimbursement under CMS CPT codes is now fast, easy, and effective with our clinically proven Health Harmony RPM platform. Estimate RPM Reimbursement Revenue:
Why RPM for patients? Why Now?
Patient engagement in managing their chronic conditions is being strained by the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, recent surveys from Accenture and PWC's Health Research Institute confirm the impact on patient behavior has been dramatic:
Consumers that said they would skip at least one visit, such as a well visits for chronic illness, elective procedures, or screening.
Patients who deferred or cancelled treatments due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Patients who switched to a different therapy due to COVID-19, while nearly half considered making a change.
Patients who were very afraid of possible exposure during a visit to their healthcare provider.
But that's actually good news for practices offering RPM for their patients. In fact, 60% of patients want to use technology more for communicating with healthcare providers and managing their conditions.

Eliminate the complexity of RPM
Health Harmony RPM eliminates the complexity of RPM—not just for providers and caregivers, but also for patients, giving them greater freedom and flexibility to participate in their own care on their own terms—and in their own home.
Find out how easy it is to get started by scheduling your FREE 15-Minute RPM Consult today.
Closed-loop RPM Solutions Means Closing Patient Gaps in Care
Patient Enrollment
We'll provide you with a patient hand-out to explain how RPM works, how you stay connected between office visits, and how their co-pays are applied.
Daily Health Sessions
Patient completes Daily Health Session via app; capture key measurements (weight, BP, SpO2, etc.), interact with clinical protocols and staff.
Clinical Monitoring
Our clinical call center team monitors patients on a daily basis and provides intervention and/or escallation when warranted.
Clinical Time Compilation
Our Health Harmony intelligent algorithms calculate the total time accumulated during the month to ensure accurate reporting and CMS compliance for RPM reimbursement.
Report Delivery
A detailed patient report is completed for each patient to enable accurate month-end billing for reimbursement.
Unlock Recurring Reimbursement with Health Harmony RPM
CPT CODE 99453
Initial setup and patient education on use of equipment. (Minimum 16 days of service, one-time free per care episode)

Average reimbursement: $18.77
CPT CODE 99454
Device(s) supply with daily recording(s) or programmed alert(s) transmission. (Billed every 30 days - must be on service for 16 days)

Average reimbursement: $64.15
CPT CODE 99457
Remote physiologic monitoring services. (by clinical staff/MD/QHCP/ for first 20 minutes of RPM services in one calendar month.

Average reimbursement: $64.15
CPT CODE 99458
Remote physiological monitoring services. (by clinical staff/MD/QHCP that exceeds first 20 minutes of RPM services in one calendar month.

Average reimbursement: $42.22
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