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Customized Telecare Services, Based on Your Needs.

We Work with You to Find a Customized, Ongoing Home Telecare Solution.

There are many reasons why the use of home and cloud-based healthcare technology is rising. Data shows that it promotes healing, lowers health risks, and reduces operational costs. It's also preferred by 90 percent of people 65 years and older, according to AARP.1

Care Innovations® helps you develop ongoing population health management solutions to manage remote and transitional care while also improving your operational efficiencies and reducing risk. We work with you to pinpoint the ideal technological, data-based solution that is then tailored to meet your patients where they are for optimal engagement. Then, we help you put it in place, setting up data monitoring and analysis for future improvements in your remote patient management program. Imagine a virtuous loop of information that enables your clinicians to care for more patients more effectively and alter care plans as needed based on daily alerts and actionable insights coming from the home.

We know you don't need another device vendor: You need a trusted partner who can help you navigate emerging technology to create customized, ongoing improvements for your business and your patients and help you properly analyze ever-changing patient data. From the initial consultation to deployment and integration, we're your complete remote and cloud-based healthcare delivery partner — now and in the years to come.

Five Important Considerations for Your Selection of a Quality Assurance Partner

Key to a successful remote care management program is a strong technology partner. Evaluating potential partners should include assessment of their quality control systems and processes. Here are five questions for healthcare systems to consider as part of the selection process for a technology partner.

  • Our 5-Step Model for Improving Remote Care and Operational Outcomes

    Care Innovations'® 5-step process
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    First, we ask questions to help you better define your patient challenges. Examples include:

    • Are you improving overall patient care?
    • Are you managing risk to optimize margins?
    • Are you growing your market share?
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    Next, we identify the challenges you're facing in terms of patient engagement and risk management.

    • What patient populations are you currently best at serving? How are these populations changing?
    • To what extent do your patients currently utilize home care?
    • Do you know when not to care for a patient?
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  • STEP 3: PROVIDE Actionable INSIGHTS.

    Now, we use the data we've acquired to offer recommendations to improve your operational efficiencies, based on your specific situation and on our robust database of clinical and behavioral knowledge. (This is a huge collection of HIPAA-compliant data on how patients handle health in the home that's not available from any other organization.)

    At this stage, we also provide detailed data analysis reports for your population, including comprehensive guidelines on improved healthcare interventions, and outcomes.

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    Next, we turn the insights we've acquired into customized solutions to meet your specific clinical and business needs on an ongoing basis — including:

    • A complete, customized strategy that reaches across all aspects of patient care, including technology, communication, care circles, trusted resources, data collection and more.
    • Recommendations on how to install, manage and aggregate cloud-based remote healthcare technology and sensors.
    • Recommendations on remote monitoring to be used to identify future cost savings opportunities.
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    Finally, with your approval, we work with you to implement the solution. This includes fitting the agreed-upon technology seamlessly into your existing operations, and also:

    • Supporting patients and caregivers in the adoption of devices or solutions.
    • Helping to coordinate patients, family and professional caregivers in the implementation and management of home care.
    • Analyzing the data streams from the home for constant improvement to existing workflows with value-add insights.
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Focus on Workflow – The Important Role of People

The focus of healthcare technology can be simplified into two mandates: improve quality of care and create efficiencies. Care Innovations has developed a four-phase approach to help healthcare organizations prepare for and implement new technology.

Comprehensive, Cloud-Based Healthcare Solutions

As your complete cloud-based healthcare management partner and advisor, our mission is to:

  • PROVIDE you with useful insights into patient and caregiver behaviors that improve care management.
  • CREATE data-driven solutions that help reduce costs and readmissions.
  • GUIDE you in the use of the technology that best meets your health monitoring, transitional care and telecare service needs.
  • SOURCE near-real-time patient information that leads to timely and meaningful health interventions.
  • INTEGRATE home healthcare solutions that best complement your current systems and workflows.

Ready for a Consultation?

Speak with one of our Consultants for implementation advice.

1 "Aging in Place: A State Survey of Livability Policies and Practices." A Research Report by the National Conference of State Legislature and the AARP Public Policy Institute, December 2011

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