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Do you know who your highest-risk patients are? Can you name your most-engaged patient? If you can't answer these questions, can you be sure that your patients have the necessary level of engagement in their own health?

Engaged consumers have better health outcomes and lower costs. Patient engagement solutions from Care Innovations® help you, your patients and their families and caregivers stay better informed, engaged, and involved with patient home monitoring, caregiver support, and other tools designed to improve outcomes and efficiency.

Older Populations Have Adopted Technology for Health

People over 65 will use Remote Care Technology to take better care of themselves. Learn about older adults' attitudes toward technology and the importance of designing technology that understands older adults' unique needs, preferences, capabilities, and limitations.

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Meet Sarah T. She's a 67-year-old retired teacher who struggles with her weight and high blood pressure.

Sarah is empowered with a Wi-Fi smart scale that tracks her weight, body fat percentage, and BMI, then automatically syncs those stats with an online graph and mobile tools, helping her stay motivated and on track with her weight-loss goals. A tiny activity sensor helps ensure that she stays consistent with her blood pressure medicine.

Sarah keeps track of all her vital signs, her medications, and her medical appointments through her Care Innovations® Health Harmony account, which also provides her with interesting content about exercise, recipes, and coupons for healthy food options. Best of all, she can share her information with her doctors with a simple click of a button.

Now engaged with her own treatment, Sarah no longer needs to make frequent trips to her doctor for checkups. Her quality of care has improved, and costs have been reduced for both payer and provider.

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Do you know when not to care for a patient? Helping patients stay engaged with their care often means empowering them with the means and the motivation to achieve personal health goals. Our partnerships with top healthcare technology innovators like iHealth* help us provide a comprehensive assembly of easy-to-use home monitoring and caregiver support tools to help patients gain control over their own health.

Our product suite includes unobtrusive activity sensors placed strategically in the home, wireless blood pressure and fitness monitors, as well as our own proprietary solution, Health Harmony, which helps family caregivers to collaborate with friends and care professionals to confidently manage their loved one's care at home.

Case Study – McKnight – No Strings Attached


Your Healthcare Consumer

The bottom line? Patient engagement leads to improved quality of care, and that can be measured through reduced readmission rates, preventable hospitalizations, healthier and happier lives, and reduced costs.

What motivates and encourages your consumers? Call us today at (855) 885-CARE to discuss what patient engagement options are best suited to meet your specific operational needs.

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The Care Innovations® Health Harmony family caregiver application is not intended for clinical use, life-saving or life-sustaining interventions. Health Harmony users are solely responsible for the information that they choose to share within the Health Harmony family caregiver application and for determining the access provided to authorized users they invite into the application.

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