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Remote Care Management

A New Standard of Remote Care
Reduced Costs with Telecare

Thanks to advances in remote patient monitoring technology, healthcare providers have unprecedented opportunities to better manage the health of patients with chronic conditions. Even better, the telehealth technology used to deploy remote care management also works to reduce costs by better engaging and educating patients, promoting adherence to treatment and early intervention to keep readmissions at a minimum.

Care Innovations' remote care management solutions employ not only advanced teleheath technology but also a comprehensive range of data analysis. The result? Caregivers and healthcare providers get a better perspective into the needs of their patients — as well as the solutions to meet those needs.

Assessing the Right Technology Partner for Your Remote Patient Care Program

Successful remote care management programs that will meet your unique goals require experienced-based planning, excellent technology, and crisp execution. When evaluating your ideal technology partner, there are five things to keep in mind.

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Engage Patients with A Remote Care Management Program

In the past, adoption of remote care management (RCM) solutions was slowed by a perception of cost and complexity. Care Innovations' solutions remove those limitations to deliver an intuitive and innovative remote care management platform that reduces the cost of traditional RCM models by as much as 50 percent.1

Remove the complexity of remote care — not just for providers and caregivers, but also for patients, giving them greater freedom and flexibility to participate in their own care. Care Innovations® Health Harmony enables the collection and transmittal of daily biometric data, collection of health assessment information, and monitors changes in existing health patterns. Patients, caregivers and family members also have access to clinician-directed health sessions, videoconferencing, and interactive education to help keep all parties engaged.

Keys to Successful Remote Care Management Implementations

Telehealth technology can be a valuable tool by helping move delivery of care from higher acuity settings to the home. Become more proactive in your own health and facilitate effective management of chronic conditions.

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A New Era of Telehealth Benefits

Health Harmony transforms traditional telehealth and remote care monitoring models to deliver a solution with comprehensive benefits to all parties involved. The most striking benefits of Health Harmony remote patient monitoring technology include:

  • LOWER COST. Deployments are as much as 50 percent lower than device-centric remote care management programs.1
  • GREATER SIMPLICITY. With far less complexity than traditional dedicated telehealth devices, payers and providers can utilize remote care on a much greater scale with relative simplicity.
  • MORE ACCESS. Care plan members using Remote Care Management are given access to our innovative suite of caregiving tools, enabling them to add informal caregivers like family and friends to their supportive care network.
  • BETTER ENGAGEMENT. Remote care management provides more frequent touchpoints among clinicians, caregivers, patients and their families. Studies on a variety of conditions such as CHF and strokes show that patients with active family caregivers are more likely to improve than those without.2


The advantages of remote care management serve as a cornerstone to a new era of cloud-based, data-driven telehealth solutions. To help put this technology to the best possible use and help fully maximize your organization's results, Care Innovations is happy to serve as your complete remote care management SOLUTIONS partner — we're beside you during every step of the planning and implementation stage and help you choose the best telehealth technology to meet your business needs.

We'll work to outline a complete telehealth strategy and execution plan THAT LEVERAGES OUR 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND that's clear and impactful for you, including a qualified project team and vendor support. We also assist you with program development and implementation support, paying careful attention to the needs of your population and the specific challenges you're facing.

Ready for a Roadmap?

Speak with a Remote Solutions Architect for implementation advice.

1"Aging in Place: A State Survey of Livability Policies and Practices." A Research Report by the National Conference of State Legislature and the AARP Public Policy Institute, December 2011

2June 2013, Remote care deployment cost comparison conducted by Care Innovations® Professional Services team.

Care Innovations® Health Harmony requires an Internet connection to enable communications with the patient's care team and back-end data hosting. Health Harmony is intended for use by patients who are able to operate it in accordance with its instructions for use and are under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Health Harmony is not intended for emergency medical communications or real-time patient monitoring. Available for over-the-counter use.

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