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Improve your business and clinical outcomes by utilizing the healthcare technology that works best for you. As the developer of award-winning Care Innovations® QuietCare® and Health Harmony Home Sensing technology, we offer unparalleled experience in the use, implementation and even development of smart sensor technology. Our focus on data aggregation technology and our unique ability to interpret that data gives you the information needed to improve care while reducing waste and associated healthcare costs.

Because we're technology innovators, we have the analytic capabilities to assess the current healthcare technology market for the solution that best fits your needs, then work to help you implement that solution into your existing workflows. We believe in letting the right tool do the job, offering a frank, unbiased assessment of the current technology options to all clients.

QuietCare Helps High Tech Meet High Touch at SLC

To ensure its staff delivers the highest levels of care to residents, Senior Lifestyle Corporation relies on the built-in monitoring, tracking, and reporting capabilities of Care Innovations® QuietCare® and Health Harmony Home Sensing.

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Quality patient care, especially in the home, depends on timely caregiver response. That response can be almost instantaneous with passive monitoring that collects and analyzes patient data in near-real time, using a wide variety of data collection points spread across a variety of patient-friendly applications.

Data — from EMRs, smartphone apps, as well as QuietCare and Health Harmony Home Sensing, our own award-winning smart sensor technology — are continuously collected and monitored, and alerts are instantly sent to family members and caregivers if any events or irregularities occur. The result? The right people get the right information at the right time, improving quality of care and patient outcomes.

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Changing demographics, changing public attitudes, the economic recession, and healthcare reform have placed an unprecedented demand on Senior Living Communities to streamline operations and evolve services. See a visual overview of how smart sensor technology like QuietCare and Health Harmony Home Sensing can help meet that goal while also improving quality of care.

Integrated Solutions

Partnerships You Can Trust.

Although we've developed our own unique, award-winning smart sensor technology - Care Innovations® QuietCare® and also Health Harmony Home Sensing - we also recognize that every business has different needs. So we've partnered with top healthcare technology innovators such as iHealth*, to deliver the right combination of products at the right time. Combining our deep knowledge of sensor technology and data analytics with other popular activity-sharing products, we create customized solutions for each client.

With the support of our partners, and the wisdom of our decades of experience, Care Innovations is uniquely positioned to recommend, develop, utilize and improve the technology you need to improve your operational outcomes — today, and in the years to come.

Call us today at (855) 885-CARE to discuss how QuietCare and Health Harmony Home Sensing smart sensor technology can help improve your clinical and business outcomes.

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Care Innovations® is a true pioneer in healthcare data collection and smart sensor technology. From patient monitoring to data assessment, we help you identify and implement the technologies best suited to your specific needs, creating a customized, end-to-end plan that best supports your residents' journeys toward improved health and quality of life.

Our own propriety QuietCare and Health Harmony Home Sensing technology is the keystone in a complete partnership that puts our decades of experience collecting and analyzing data to work customizing the smart sensor technology solution that meets your complete spectrum of needs.

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This material uses actors who are not medical professionals.

The Care Innovations® QuietCare® system is not an emergency response or alarm system and is not intended for providing medical care. Data from the QuietCare® system should not be relied on as medical advice or clinical diagnosis.

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